Happy iOS 8 Day

Today is a big day for Apple geeks.  Today is the day iOS 8 is supposed to be released onto the unwashed iPhone/iPad/iPod masses!  Let’s celebrate!

As is usually the case with software updates, Apple told us what day but not what time.  I checked to see if the update was available a couple of times throughout the morning and my phone has always been told it was up to date.  Now, however, when I check for an update it tells me that the update server cannot be reached.

Something is afoot out West in Californy, me thinks.

What’s Left to Do

There are 14 days left in September. That means I have two weeks to finish up 50/90.

What do I have left to do?

As I kick off each new idea, I have been giving it a number. When lyrics are written, the number gets replaced by a name.

Songs 1-37, and 42-48 are done.

  • 38 needs lyrics, melody, and vocals.
  • 39 needs lyrics, melody, and vocals.
  • 40 needs lead guitar, lyrics, melody, and vocals
  • 41… Not sure what the hell happened with this one, but it needs almost everything. It’s just 4-5 short bass and drum parts with no actual song structure at all.
  • 49 is complete, but hasn’t been mixed yet.
  • 50 needs all guitars, lyrics, melody, and vocals.

So I have one song structure to piece together.
Two rhythm guitar parts to record.
Three lead guitar parts to record.
Five vocal parts to write and record.
Six songs to mix.

As usual, the vocal stuff is the hard part. I worked on song #49 this morning and it’s bad. For everything else, it’s just a matter of finding a little time.

I may just see this stupid project finished. Can you believe that?

Part of the fun for most participants of 50/90 and FAWM is working on challenges within the overall challenge. Each week there is a songwriting challenge posted on the home page. Lots of people get into that. There are also challenges posted on the forum. I generally haven’t gotten involved in any of that, unless something I’ve already done falls under the right description. For example, some one recently posted a challenge to write a song about the weather. The first song I finished back in July was about Hurricane Arthur. That fits, right?

Early on some one posted the challenge to write an album each month. I have been doing that anyway, so I just kept up with it. In July I started and finished 14 songs. That’s one. In August I started and finished 13 songs. That’s two. Any songs that had work done across two months do not count. When September started I was up to 41 songs in progress in total. By RPM Challenge rules, 10 songs are required for an album. That means, if I am going to meet this challenge for September, I will need one extra song. It is entirely possible that I might try to go out with a bang and try to work out something in the 15-20 minute range. I probably won’t do it, but the thought is in my head and won’t go away.