Distant Vacation Home?

Did you read this? They found what is probably a rocky planet inside a star’s habitable zone!

What do they know about it? It orbits a red dwarf, so I would guess the year would be much shorter than Earth’s. They know it’s size is comparable to Earth. They don’t know jack else except that it’s something like 500 light years away, so don’t be planning your vacation quite yet. Even the Millennium Falcon would need hundreds of years to get there (as she only makes 0.5 past light speed).

What they do know, is that if the atmosphere (assuming [hoping] there is an atmosphere) and the pressure play nicely water could exist as a liquid on the surface. They’ve found planets in the habitable zone before, but none of them had a size similar to Earth. Some of the others might be rocky, but they were all big enough that there was a good chance they’d be gas.

So what does this mean? Honestly? For your every day life it means squat. For the potential of finding a second planet to live on if we somehow manage to create a propulsion system that wouldn’t require 1000 years of travel? It’s pretty freakin’ huge news.

Now they need to try and figure out what it’s made of, what it has for an atmosphere, and if maybe it might have some water on the surface, and if there might be some algae living in the water.

Science RULES!

Productive Music Day

Let’s see, where was the April music project the last time I mentioned it. Seven songs partially recorded, three getting as far as the full arrangement, lyrics and vocals and all. Two more songs that consisted of just one riff, and one planned song from the roaring 90′s that I wanted to do but hadn’t started yet.

Where are we today? I started the 90′s song Tuesday night. Just the different sections on bass and drums. Last night I added the rhythm guitar. I also took one of the single riff things and recorded rhythm guitar, bass, and drums for a songs worth of sections. The second riff has advanced to a single fully recorded riff, but it’s still only sixteen bars.

Oh and today I wrote and recorded the vocals parts for three more songs.

That’s nine songs with the music completely written, although not necessarily fully arranged, one song partially written, and six songs with finished vocals. There is also the one old song that already has lyrics, but that kinda doesn’t count.

Musically speaking, I’ve had a decent couple of days. Nothing ready to mix yet. No lead guitars anywhere. But good progress made.


Here are the dirty details.

Patches was hissing and growling.  Sabrina was nervous and clearly scared.  We did what people suggested.  We put their food bowls on either side of Sabrina’s safe room’s door.  The idea is to associate the smell of the other cat with something positive, ie food.  Jen rubbed a clean sock on Sabrina and gave it to Patches.  When Patches didn’t freak out she got a treat.

All of that was going well, but today Patches started throwing herself into the safe room’s door, all while hissing and growling.  The fear of the two cats fighting and possibly hurting each other was compounded by the fear of Patches hurting herself.

Add to that, the kids were at their dad’s house through all of this.  Tonight was the first night they would have been home with Sabrina.  If we didn’t do it tonight, we would never be able to do it.  At least not without breaking the kids’ hearts along with mine and Jen’s.

So I took Sabrina back to the shelter today.  The staff at the shelter told me that we were doing the right thing.

I shall now drown my sadness in my Les Paul.