Song of the Day

The music for this was written in a hotel room in upstate New York. How rock and roll is that?? The lyrics are the second in a growing group of songs inspired by folk stories I found on a website. Here’s a link to this story. It’s about a guy who was famous for tall tales and cider.

When Can We Go Back?

I just watched Artie T Demoulas give a speech to Market Basket employees.  It was a good speech.  Lots of thank yous and you guys are amazings and you are so loyal and all that good stuff.

The only unanswered question is this:

When can I go back to shopping at a supermarket that is actually big enough to fit customers in the aisles?

Because I’m ready.  I’m ready to not have to wait in line to get from one end of the cookie aisle to the next.  I’m ready to shop in a store where I know where to go to get the stuff I want.  No more of this aimless wandering around looking for the crunchy peanut butter.

Welcome back, Market Basket.

First Day of School

Just yesterday I met my wife’s kids for the first time.  There was a six year old who had just started first grade, and a four year old pre-schooler.  Somehow, just hours later, we have two middle school kids starting eighth and sixth grade respectively.  One of them is even a teenager!

Where the hell did the time go?

Wish my wonderful, brilliant, amazing step kids a happy first day of school.  Only 179 school days left until summer vacation!

Music for Labor Day Weekend

Tonight’s edition of the 50/90 song post is a little ditty about the annual college student moving day crushing that the city of Boston goes through over Labor Day Weekend.

Happy double parking, moving trucks driving the wrong way on one way streets, red lights are just suggestions weekend, Boston! WOOHOO


Well it happened.  I was hoping my utter lack of popularity would spare me, but I’ve been called out on the whole ice bucket challenge thing.  I was prepared to just make the donation and not dump ice water over my head in a show of support for funding research to stop a seriously nasty disease.

Then last week my five (almost six) year old niece took the challenge.  She watched her mother do it and wanted to do it too.  How can I wuss out when she jumped right into it?  Then yesterday my wife did it too with a bunch of co-workers.  I haven’t watched the video yet.  She’s the one who challenged me.

So I guess this weekend I’ll be dumping icy water over my head for a good cause.