Still Disappointed

Still working out of Westwood, although they did move our phone numbers to the Waltham desks even though none of us were in Waltham. Bit of a snafu on that one.

Still sad. I feel like the little kid who lives next door to the main characters on Fear the Walking Dead. You know, the girl who was supposed to have her ninth birthday party (complete with inflatable bouncy house) but no one showed up because they were all too busy turning into zombies, and then her mom got attacked by a neighbor who had turned into a zombie and (although we didn’t actually see it up close) probably got bit and now will also turn into a zombie. It’s like, I had this awesome thing and then it was taken away from me. The Waltham building is kinda like my inflatable bouncy house.

Without the zombies.


I’ve been working at the same company for 11 years.  Throughout that entire time I have lived very far north of any of our buildings.  The shortest drive I’ve had was 39 miles(ish), but while I was in that building I moved even further away.  

Now the company has a new building that is only 33 miles away.  Practically next door!  On a good traffic day I could possibly get there in half an hour.  What’s more, three of the other four guys in the group live close to this new building too!  We all put in for a move last year.

And then we waited… And waited.  Until!

Four desks together opened up… A move request was finalized… A move date was set!  We are actually going to be north of the Mass Pike!  Holy cow!  The moving day is September 2, 2015!  Tomorrow!  Until…

About 11:00am today we are told there was a conflict.  Someone is already in one of our desks.  We found another desk right near the others.  Put in a request.  Approved.  Then at about 2:00pm, we are told the people who are already there are going to move so they can all be together, and we can all be together.  Okay.  That’s a good thing… But… Don’t move until you hear back from us, probably on Thursday.

But… But… I want to work north of the pike tomorrow.  I don’t want another day in the Deep South.  It’s only going to be a day or two, but this delay is one of the most depressing things ever.  I wanted a 10 mile reduction in commute distance.  I don’t want to wait another day or two.

I’m so sad.

Not Going to Share

I finally did it last night at band practice.

I set up mics on the drums, on the bass amp, and on the guitar amp, and ran a line out from the PA, all into my Mackie board, then into my Lexicon USB interface, and then into GarageBand in stereo. It worked!

But I ain’t sharing any of it. Not this time at least.

The bass guitar is UBER loud (although the tone has a nice snap to it). The drums are really, really quiet and have no bottom end at all. The guitar is a little low compared to the vocals. Kevin’s voice is a touch on the loud side but not too bad. My voice is WAY low in the mix (just how I like it!) and needs to come up.

In other words, the mix is all but unlistenable. I knew that would happen though. I will make some adjustments on the board next week and see how it sounds, and then repeat the process the following week until I have a mix I can live with. I don’t want to take time out of practice to adjust things, so I will just do it week to week based on what sounds bad on each successive tape.

Also, I don’t think we were terribly good last night. After the last two practices being really great. I am pretty disappointed in myself. Listening to a nice clean recording just makes my shitty playing all the more obvious.

Next week I hope to have something to share. Maybe.


The New Rodent

At last, I have a picture of the new rodent living in our back yard. I’m not sure what kind of rodent it is. I thought either a groundhog or a gopher. I put two pictures on Flickr a few minutes ago and so far we have one vote for groundhog. Does the community agree?

What is this?  Is it a gopher?

What is this?  Is it a gopher?

So what do you think this little critter is?