Fun Cat Moment

I had a fun cat moment this morning.

Just after I punched in to work (from home) I noticed that the cat was sleeping on the top of the cat tree. All I could see of her head was her whiskers. Nothing special. Then a few minutes later I noticed something. They were twitching. A lot. Patches was having a dream, possibly a bad one, and was freaking out in her sleep. It was kinda funny and kinda cute. That’s where the fun ended though. as soon as the twitching stopped… the snoring started.

Patches snoring sounds like a big truck without a muffler. Woah, can that cat haul in those Z’s! Quiet down, feline. There’s a sick man in Chelsea!

Back Pain

Oh, this is fun.

I told a friend I’d help him with an errand today.  It will probably take about half an hour, but I used it as an excuse to take the whole day off.

I planned to work on 50/90 all day, but there are a bunch of things around the house that I’ve been neglecting, so I decided to take care of a couple of those instead.  First and foremost, the lawn.

I waited until 9am, went outside, filled the mower’s gas tank… And that’s all it took for my back to really start hurting.  

I want to mow a little, then rest my back a little, then repeat as needed, but I’ve done one small piece of the front yard and already I’m in huge pain.  I don’t know if I will be able to handle even the bare minimum.  

This sucks.