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I think Thanksgiving might be my favorite holiday of the year.  It hasn’t been commercialized yet, although the black friday bullshit is trying hard to ruin everything.  It’s spent with family, good food, good times.  It’s just what a holiday should be.

Now it’s over and it’s bumming me out a little.  Why?  Because of what comes next.  Christmas.  Commercialization.  Gross consumerism.  Constant ads telling us that we don’t love our loved ones if we don’t buy them the right stuff.  It makes me want to puke a little.  I always enjoy Christmas, but the build up to it is annoying at best.

So now I have to try and move the giant treadmill out to the garage.  We’re going to buy a real tree this year and give our fake one the year off so we have to make sure we have a tree stand.  We have to rearrange the living room.  None of that is a problem (except the treadmill… I haven’t a clue how to pull that off).  Then I have to make a wish list and make sure everyone in the house has made one too, then we have to spend all of our money and stress over whether we have enough of the right stuff.  All while being assaulted with Christmas schtick.  Urgh.  I just want it to be Christmas Eve so I can start enjoying it.

What’s worse is that this year there is an additional holiday sandwiched between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It’s called Star Wars the Force Awakens Day and it is December 18th.  Do you have your tickets yet?  We do!  The Force is strong with our Fandango account!

Anyway, enough bitching.  I hope you all had as happy a Thanksgiving as we had.  Now enjoy the weekend (assuming you’re as lucky as we are and have today off).  Gobble Gobble HoHoHo.

Turkey Day Marathon

It’s time for the MST3K Turkey Day Marathon!  Huzzah! 




Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  May your turkey be juicy and your stuffing be plentiful.

Today I am thankful for many things.  My wife, my step children, my entire family.  Health and happiness, and all of the medical professionals who worked so hard to restore my step son’s health a couple of weeks ago.

Oh yeah, and stuffing.

Gobble! Gobble!

All Ahead Warp Zillion!

I got home from work just as fast as I got in this morning.  I gotta tell ya, if this were normal it would feel utterly GLORIOUS!

I was home by 6:15 tonight which means I get about an extra half hour at home with the love of my life and her kids.  How awesome is that?  It feels pretty awesome, I gotta tell ya.

Jen and the kids are sitting at the table coloring.  They went to a craft store today and it exploded all over the living room.  Craft stuff everywhere.  It’s kinda cool.

The agenda now is to clean up the house for tomorrow.  Jen’s folks are coming over for Thanksgiving.  It’s going to be fun and the food… well… Jen goes all out for Thanksgiving.  It’s one of the things I give thanks for.

Star Wars Easter Egg

Do you use Google Chrome for your web browsing needs?

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Go to google.com
  3. Enter the following text:

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away

Enjoy the goofy fun.

You’re welcome.

Faster than a Speeding Bullet

I didn’t drive the Nissan today so I didn’t have the dashboard chronometer to tell me exactly how long my commute lasted.  I left the gas station near the house at about 7:48 (on a normal day that would be insanely late) and I got into a parking spot at 8:23.  That’s 35 minutes (approximately) and that is a new record!  The previous record was something like 38 or 39 minutes and it was set on Christmas Eve while I was still living in Tewksbury (which is closer to work than where I live now).

This calls for celebration!  Tomorrow we will throw a huge feast in honor of this achievement!  We will roast a turkey and have stuffing and mashed potatoes and pies and cranberry sauce and other weird vegetables that I don’t really like.  We shall call this feast “Thanksgiving” and celebrate it annually in remembrance of this wonderful morning commute!(*)



*or something like that


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