The Weather Might Help Me

It’s cold out there.  This morning when the kids and I left the house it was four degrees out.  Right now at home in Methuen it is 20 degrees.  Cold, but not brutally end of the world cold.  This weekend there is a chance we could break the record for the lowest temperatures ever recorded on the 13th or 14th of February.  I think the record for tomorrow is -3.

Strangely, this cold snap might work to my advantage.  I’m so ridiculously behind on my RPM recording this year.  I’m ahead of the game on writing, but way way way behind on recording.  In a rare moment of optimism, I see a deep freeze of a weekend as a good reason to stay home and get some work done.  My wife expects to be busy working this weekend.  While I would much prefer the two of us spend the weekend doing things together, it is Valentines Day on Sunday after all, if she is going to be wrapped up in code, I can use the time to get wrapped up in tunes.  Monday is a holiday.  I have the day off, but my beloved doesn’t.  I also took Tuesday and Wednesday off from work with the intention of getting as much singing recorded as I can (even though I have no words or melodies written yet).  That gives me a five day weekend.  If I buckle down, I might be able to finish the whole project by this time next week!  That’s impossible, but maybe I could somehow magically manage to increase my out put from the 13 songs in progress today (with the FAWM goal of 14) to maybe 20?  If RPM defines an album as 10 songs or 35 minutes, could I possibly turn this month into a double album?  Or maybe two entirely separate albums?  Three of the 13 songs are leaning toward being acoustic guitar centered.  Might I end up with an album of electric songs and an album of acoustic songs?

The answer, of course, is no.  I’m getting to 14 and then I’ll probably drop four of them and have a normal 10 song RPM album.  But a boy can dream, right?  I mean… right?

Then the question is, what to do about Valentines Day?  Valentines always gets the shaft in our house.  We still haven’t gotten back to normal from Christmas yet, and then the first week of February has two birthdays in the house, my step son and my beloved brilliant amazing wife, and just when you’ve gotten everything squared away for the birthdays… BAM… you’ve practically missed Valentines.  Personally, I think we should move Valentines to April.  That way we can have enough time to financially recover from Christmas and Birthday week, and have the wonderfully silly celebration of all things romance coincide with the anniversary of our first date.  That would be something I can get behind.  I think the United States, if not the entire world, should get with me and make April Valentines day a reality.  Let’s do this people!  Working together in a massive grass roots effort we can accomplish anything!  First let’s get Bernie Sanders into the White House, then we’ll move Valentines Day to April 5th!

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah… it’s going to be cold this weekend.  Stay warm, New England.



At long last, I have actually recorded guitar parts that are usable. Last Thursday I recorded the guitars for two songs but there was a lag issue between GarageBand for iPad and the Amplitube amp sim I was using and things sounded just a tiny, hair off. Other than that, there had been no actual instruments on any of my RPM songs to this point. It’s February 11th and I didn’t have a single guitar part recorded!

Today is my telecommute day though, and I was home from dropping off the kids by about 7:10. I spent the next hour and 40 minutes on guitars. I rerecorded the bad parts for those two songs from last week, and then cranked out two more songs. That’s four guitar parts down, nine to go, and I still need to add at least one more song.

My time management is pretty awful this year, but I will… I WILL… get everything done on time.