One More Marquee

One more Break Even picture. I didn’t do anything goofy to this one, but it’s special in it’s own way. This show was the excuse for my sister and a few friends to get my brother into the same room as the girl they wanted to fix him up with. Fast forward to today and they are married with two ridiculously awesome kids. It’s just fantastic when a plan comes together!

On a side note, the restaurant/bar no longer exists. My brother meeting his wife aside, that’s a good thing. They place was a seriously skeevy, scary, dump. If I remember correctly though, I played pretty well that night. Not my best, but well enough to make me happy. Oh, and my brother met his wife. That just makes it even better.

Forgotten Goofiness

I had forgotten that back when I was in the band Break Even I used to make really stupid little flyers to announce show that I would post on our website.

I literally have no memory of some of these.

This one is a favorite, along with the Pluto pic above.

Safe to say that when the Lizardfish gigs start happening there will be more stupidity along these lines. The only difference is they will go to Facebook where people will see them, as opposed to the old which no one ever saw.

Happy Birthday, God!

Let us all join together to wish a happy 70th birthday to God himself, Eric Clapton! Musically speaking, every time I touch a guitar I am doing my utmost best to steal as much as I can from him… and I fail miserably every single time. For my money he is now and always will be the single greatest guitar soloist my ears have ever experienced. Happy Birthday, and many more!

I don’t think I’ve ever heard this version…

I hope this is the original studio version… I can’t actually listen right now and it’s not from a compilation I’m familiar with.

…and many, many, many more.

Something About Lions

Today is March 30, 2015.  I pulled into a parking spot at work at about 8:45.  As I stepped out of the car it started to snow (I don’t thinks those two events are actually related, it was just coincidence that they happened at the same time).

Remember that old saying about weather in March?  In like a lion, out like a lamb?

Not this year.

This year it’s in like a lion, out like a slightly warmer lion.

Spring is never going to really come again, is it.  Never.  At least The Walking Dead season ended last night.  I might be able to get a good night sleep on Sundays for a while.  Then again, there is that spin off show starting in the summer.  What happens if they put that on Sunday nights too?  Uh oh.

RPM Challenge on the Air

Portsmouth Community radio is playing music from this year’s RPM Challenge all day today.  24 hours of nothing but RPM.  How cool is that.  

Click here to listen and let me know if you hear me!  When you submit your finished album they ask you to recommend a song.  This year I recommended this one:

That doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the one they would play, and there is no guarantee they’ll play my garbage at all, but let me know if you hear it.