Jen worked from home today so that I could go to the office. The plumber was supposed to show up at noon. He showed up at 2:00. Oooookay. Still, he got his work done, including replacing a bunch of old pipes and installing a little thing that we in the bathroom business like to call: A TUB! WOOHOO!!

The electrician got here at about 4:00 and he’s still cranking away. Jen and the kids went to dinner together while I stay and electrician sit. Granted, I would much much rather be out with them, but I am really pleased with all of the progress being made today. Obviously I would have preferred that it was done earlier, but what can you do.

That was Interesting

One of the contractors just came up to me and asked me if we had a bird.

A what?

A bird.  There’s one in the kitchen.


Sure enough, there is one seriously freaked out little bird clinging to the screen in front of the kitchen window.  Every few seconds it would jump up and try to get out, but the screen never cooperated.  

Now what the hell do I do?  

My first thought was to get passed it and open the window, and then pop off the screen.  Out he goes, right?  No. The little sucker freaked each time I approached.  Next I went for a towel.  I’ll trap the bugger under the towel and then let him outside.  Nope.  I threw the towel a split second after he took one of his jumps at the screen and the winged wonder took off.  If it had gone to my right it would have found the open door.  Nope.  The dumb ass went to his left and flew into the living room.  It first perched on the back of a chair, and then hopped over to the arm of the treadmill.  

Did I mention that when the contractors left for lunch Patches came out of the bedroom, and that ever since they returned she had been hiding under the couch?  So now my murderous hell beast of a kitty is alone in the living room with a live bird.  Possibly one of the many birds she has stalked through the windows a thousand times.  

I opened the front door, then went back to the kitchen for the towel.  I went around through the hallway on my way back to the living room.  The bird was still there and upon seeing me coming he dashed back across the room and found the front door.  

He made it out without hurting himself, and without becoming a play thing for the furry little huntress, death on four legs, known as Lady Patches.

Its a new animal story for me, though still not as awesome as the bat at the duplex story.  It’s so cool living in Wild Kingdom.