Weather Math

Sunday May 1, 2016: Rain
Monday May 2, 2016: Rain
Tuesday May 3, 2016: Rain
Wednesday May 4, 2016: Rain
Thursday May 5, 2016: Rain

Do you see a pattern here? It hasn’t necessarily rained all day or anything like that, but at some point during the day it rained.

What does this data mean? What result can we extrapolate from it?

April showers bring May… showers.

Big News

Rebloggin’ from the band’s website yet again.


There is a new link in the menu just above where you’re reading right now.  Do you see it?  It’s called Upcoming Shows.  Click it.  Go ahead, it’s okay.  I’ll wait here until you come back.

The long wait is finally over!  Lizardfish is coming to a stage near you.  Our next show is officially July 1, 2016 at Racks Bar and Grill in Plaistow, NH on route 125 just a little way over the Massachusetts border.  Links and maps are in the Upcoming Shows page.  We should go on around 9:00pm and finish around midnight.

There have been a lot of people asking when we are going to start playing out again and we can finally give an answer.  We sincerely appreciate everyone’s patience as we were taking the time to get our collective shit together.  Now we are ready to thank you in the most appropriate way……

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NHL Second Round Predictions

My first round predictions kicked ass. Let’s get right out and say it. I got six out of eight and at one point I was six out of six. I picked the Islanders, they won. I picked the Lightning, they won. I picked the Capitals and they won. I piked the Penguins and they won. That’s right. I got the whole Eastern Conference right. Out West, I got the Sharks and the Stars right, but the Blackhawks and the Ducks screwed me. Jerks.

I know the second round has already started, but three of the four series are tied at the moment so my pick won’t be biased based on the current situation. The one round that isn’t tied… well, I mentioned in my first round picks post that the team who is now ahead was my pick to win the West… so there you go.

Let’s not forget that with the Bruins not making the playoffs for the second straight season, I really don’t give a shit about any of this. I’m just doing these posts because I always do them. They just aren’t fun without the Bruins.

Having said that, here’s the East:

The Islanders and the Lightning. I hate them both. I’m going to pick the Lightning because they aren’t from New York.

The Capitals and the Penguins. The Marquis Matchup. Crosby vs Ovetchkin. It’s always been Crosby before. This time it’s Ovetchkin. I am picking the Caps.

On to the West:

The Stars and the Blues. I’m going with the Stars. Mostly so Tyler Seguin can rub shit on the Bruins nose. Which begs the question, is Seguin still hurt? I don’t know. I don’t care.

The Predators and the Sharks. The Sharks are up two games to none. They screw me over every time I pick them, and I once swore I will never pick them again. This year, I’m so full of hockey hate (thanks, Bruins) that I am picking them to win it all. Well, at least to win the West. Not sure they can beat the Caps. Whatever, I am picking Jumbo Joe Thornton and the Sharks.

So the Conference Finals will be Tampa Bay vs Washington, and Dallas vs San Jose.

You heard it here first.
And if you bet based on my picks YOU WILL LOSE! You have been warned.

Quick Update

We needed an update on the band’s website, so I put this onto today. Enjoy!


I hope Mike isn’t mad at us for making such a huge mess out of his basement.



There haven’t been a lot of updates lately, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been progress. Yes, scheduling is difficult for all of us, but that doesn’t stop us for long. The song list continues to grow, set lists continue to be tinkered with, screw ups continue to happen but are always followed by improvements.

The work toward booking a show or two has picked up in recent weeks, so we hope to have some good news soon. Within the next few days we should also have some more rehearsal tapes to share too. Last night we spontaneously performed what may be the greatest David Bowie/Prince mashup in the history of unplanned mashups. If we got that on tape it will end up here. Keep your fingers crossed on that one. We’ll see.

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Letters to Cleo

I finally saw the episode of Parks and Recreation where Letters to Cleo played Pawnee. It was so cool.

But that wasn’t USA Mike on lead guitar, it was Dave Gibbs of the Gigolo Aunts! Did I really see that? Was that real? Is the universe spinning out of control?

They are working on a new EP though, and USA Mike is is playing on that. End of the world avoided. Whew!