Wicked ahhtsy. 



Don Sweeney

The Bruins named Don Sweeney as their new General Manager today.  This may be the first time a player I regularly used while playing EA Sports NHL games on play station has become a GM, but maybe not.  I do expect, however, that he is now the NHL GM with the highest voice.  Finally a soprano sits in the big chair.

All kidding aside, Donny.  Let’s bring my team back to glory, okay?

Two Important Dates

This week has two important dates for our family. First, yesterday was my step daughter’s birthday! I was supposed to mention it here on the actual day, but many many meetings at work distracted me and I missed it. Sorry about that. But, you can still all wish her a happy belated birthday, am I right?

The second important day is today. Seven years ago today I popped the question to my beloved bride Jen. What a day that was. Unfortunately the ring I gave her seven years ago has been damaged. She thinks I’m mad at her because of that, but no. Not even a tiny bit. I’m disapointed that we seem to have bought a lemon that day at Hanoush jewelers in Salem, but otherwise I’m not upset at all. If we can’t fix the ring we will have to replace it. All I ask is that the diamond be re-used in some way. If we can get it onto a new ring then that’s excellent. If not, can we set it into something else? It’s just a symbol or course. The love that it represents will continue to be strong without the symbol. It’d just be nice to be able to keep it around.

So happy birthday to my step daughter, who still has some aging to do before I’ll mention her by name on this here bloggie, and happy proposalversary to the love of my life!