Song Idea

Last weekend I was sitting outside of the room Harry’s band was rehearsing in and noodling around with GarageBand on my phone. Next thing I know there is a rough idea for a song. Think Jimi Hendrix meets My Bloody Valentine except not even remotely as good as either. You get the idea.

I’m not working on a writing project right now, and the recording project I set for myself has stalled. What should I do with this idea? Should I maybe just start another writing project? Should I just let it sit like I usually do with orphaned song ideas?

No… something different this time. Today I recorded bass and rhythm guitar parts, replaced my cheesy iOS drums, and made a quick mix. I uploaded the still unfinished song to soundcloud and then did something I’ve never done with any song I’ve worked on since I started writing for myself at home back in 2007.

I let someone else listen to it.

I just Facebook messaged the soundcloud (I hate them so) link to the band and asked if they had any interest in playing it. I think I’m going to be afraid to check Facebook for the rest of the day. Maybe I’ll go outside and rake for a while.

Having no self confidence sucks sometimes. At least I worked up the courage to send the link. Call that a personal win.