The Deflategate Saga

Want to know what was the worst part of the NFL upholding Tom Brady’s full suspension yesterday?  The Players Union is going to sue the league in Federal Court to have the suspension overturned.  That’s not the worst part.  The worst part is that it means sports talk radio in Boston is going to continue talking about this ridiculous thing for the foreseeable future.  It means that this idiotic story is never going to go away.

He cheated.  He conspired with staff members to use footballs that weren’t up to league specs and destroyed evidence.  Just take the damn suspension and be done with the whole stupid thing.

Now he’ll get a court injunction that will allow him to delay the suspension.  Wouldn’t it be fun if the courts rule in the league’s favor and his suspension began immediately following the ruling… and the ruling came in the day before the playoffs start?  That would be funny.

Cheating professional athletes need to follow the Andy Pettite model.  Get caught?  Fess up.  Be forgiven.  Brady is following the Bonds/Clemens model.  Get caught?  DENY EVERYTHING!  Ruin your reputation.

Nice going Tom.  Thanks for keeping this dick hole of a story alive.  It’s only been seven months after all.  Let’s keep it going for the rest of the year!

Catastrophe Averted

Jen went out to dinner with my sister and sister in law tonight.  When she came home it was a little on the late side.  We were talking on the phone as she drove, and when she was close to home I went to open the door for her.

As I was reaching for the door knob I looked through the window.  I saw movement at the bottom of the stairs.  Was it a squirrel, a bunny, or a chipmunk?  You know, the usual rodents.  Was it a stray dog?  A stray cat?  Was it Patches (she’s an indoor cat, but you never know)?

No.  It was a skunk.  It was a little skunk, but I’d bet it packs a mighty big stench.  Is Jen going to have to walk past this little horrid monster?  Could be!

It turned out no.  Before the love of my life pulled into the driveway, our little black and white rodent nightmare friend waddled away along the front of the house.  It was completely out of sight by the time Jen got home.

Catastrophe averted!  Whew!


Pedro Martinez gets his number retired at Fenway Park on the same day we find out Tom Brady destroyed evidence relevant to an ongoing investigation.

What does that tell us about life?

Nothing really, except that Tom Brady seems to have been lying through his teeth about that whole I-didn’t-do-it thing.