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I haven’t used the new WordPress.com Desktop App for Mac to post pictures yet, so here’s a bunch of random stuff from Flickr.

Hampton Beach Sunrise



2010-12-24&25 Christmas 039



2012-04-26 - Balboa and Seaport Village 510


Treadmill Blues

We have a treadmill.  It is in the living room.  It is freakin’ huge.  Gigantic.  Giguntic even.  We had it assembled by the delivery people because it would have driven Jen and me into crazed hysterics of frustration.

Now, we want to move it.  The garage has been cleaned out and a spot has been chosen for it.  We’ll need to get a heater or something as well, but if it’s in the garage then anyone can use it at any time without driving everyone nuts, and we won’t need to fold it up after each use or move furniture around.

I mentioned that it is big, right?  It’s taller and wider than any of the doors leading out of the living room.  It will definitely need to be disassembled in order to move it.

I have been trying to figure out a good way to start taking it apart and… well… I can’t figure it out.  It is insanely complicated and I’m pretty sure I am going to fry the thing if I start messing with it.

It’s just an added bit of excitement to the Christmas season.  HoHoHo, eh?

Patches is a Jerk

Three times this weekend.  Three Times!  Patches has hissed at my step daughter three times this weekend.  The second hiss also included the worst scratch she has ever given any of us.  One more move like that and I’m taking her out to the woods and leaving her there*!  Why are you being such a little furry asshole, cat?

*No I’m not.



More Than a Feeling

I sat outside the practice room while my step son’s band was rehearsing.  Toward the end of the hour they started working on a new song.  “More Than a Feeling” by Boston.

Forgetting the fact that Jen knew Boston’s singer, one of my first bands tried to play “More Than a Feeling” too.  If I remember correctly it was a short lived thing called No Anchovies Please (a kick ass name, indeed).  I was in 11th grade and had only been playing guitar for a short time.  I could barely do anything.  There was another guitar player in the band and he was good, and a few years later he would graduate to insanely awesome.

Everything we did was probably terrible, but I remember the first time we did the two part guitar harmony leading into the chorus and it was magic.  We all kinda looked at each other and said, woah!  Now my step son is going to have the same experience.  It’s going to be epic for him too.

The universe is like a circle.  What comes around goes around.  When that comes around gets to you, it is topped off with some sick ass guitarmonies.

Rock on, oh step son of mine!

Double Standard

Brief Political Rant:

In the wake of last night’s Planned Parenthood shooting, how many of the people I am reading about who are saying that this was the actions of an extremist and the overwhelming majority of pro-life people do not agree with his actions are the same people saying that we should tag Muslims because they are terrorists?

You can’t have it both ways, assholes.  You just can’t.  You can’t expect to be viewed separately from extermists when they agree with you, but not give the same benefit to people when you don’t agree with them.  You want to create a database of Muslims?  Then let’s create a database of pro-lifers and have the FBI keep tabs on every single one of you.

Screw you and your double standards.

End Brief Political Rant.

What’s Next

I think Thanksgiving might be my favorite holiday of the year.  It hasn’t been commercialized yet, although the black friday bullshit is trying hard to ruin everything.  It’s spent with family, good food, good times.  It’s just what a holiday should be.

Now it’s over and it’s bumming me out a little.  Why?  Because of what comes next.  Christmas.  Commercialization.  Gross consumerism.  Constant ads telling us that we don’t love our loved ones if we don’t buy them the right stuff.  It makes me want to puke a little.  I always enjoy Christmas, but the build up to it is annoying at best.

So now I have to try and move the giant treadmill out to the garage.  We’re going to buy a real tree this year and give our fake one the year off so we have to make sure we have a tree stand.  We have to rearrange the living room.  None of that is a problem (except the treadmill… I haven’t a clue how to pull that off).  Then I have to make a wish list and make sure everyone in the house has made one too, then we have to spend all of our money and stress over whether we have enough of the right stuff.  All while being assaulted with Christmas schtick.  Urgh.  I just want it to be Christmas Eve so I can start enjoying it.

What’s worse is that this year there is an additional holiday sandwiched between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It’s called Star Wars the Force Awakens Day and it is December 18th.  Do you have your tickets yet?  We do!  The Force is strong with our Fandango account!

Anyway, enough bitching.  I hope you all had as happy a Thanksgiving as we had.  Now enjoy the weekend (assuming you’re as lucky as we are and have today off).  Gobble Gobble HoHoHo.


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