The Reason the Previous Post Happened

A couple of weeks ago my step daughter came to me at bed time with a concerned look on her face.  Her toy cat that she hadn’t looked at since 2009 was in her closet.  While looking for something else she found it.  She got it into her very vivid imagination that the toy cat was royally pissed off at her for spending years buried in the closet and now it wanted revenge.  She decided if she went to sleep with the cat still in the closet, the fake cat would assault her.

She was laughing the whole time she told me this, and I sure as hell was laughing too because it was ridiculous.  But she was also serious.  We needed to make the toy cat happy.  In the end we took Patches’ (the actual real live cat) kitty bed and put it in the corner of her bedroom and put the fake, toy cat on it.  It looked comfortable and my step daughter was happy.

Then last night I happened to check my Flickr stats, because I am the most ridiculous nerd on this or any other planet, and there right at the top of the recent hits list was a picture of the toy cat.