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Sickness Continues for Both of Us

Yesterday I felt like dung.  Today I feel like dung again.  Sniffles, sneezing, lots of coughing, stuffy head, post nasal drip, all sorts of garbage like that.

Still, it doesn’t measure up to what we feared about my wife yesterday.

Jen has had a rough time with antibiotics lately.  After stopping her course of antibody number two, she had a nasty headache on Wednesday.  Yesterday evening it came back, along with some weird sensations on her face.  The emergency room was recommended by her doctor’s office.  It turned out to be just another mild illness piled on top of the other nastiness she’s been fighting off for three weeks or so.  She’s okay, just not feeling terribly well.

They took her out of the room to do some tests and I fought my nerves by playing with hipstamatic… as usual.

I even took a creepy hipsta-selfie.

Today we get to see how the new antibiotic goes.  Her work schedule is very full today, so I haven’t heard anything from her.  I sent her a “how ya feelin'” email, but no word yet.  I take that as a good thing.  If she were feeling sick she’d tell me.

I love her.

I adore her.

I want her to be feeling better.




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