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Backing Up Flickr

I have tried a couple of different publicly available (free) programs to back up my Flickr account.  There are over 25,000 pictures on the account so backing up is kind of a huge undertaking.

The last time I did this it was on a windows machine.  The program I used worked well, but not perfectly.  It failed when there were multiple files in a set that had the same file name.  Why it did not use Flickr’s ID and guarantee uniqueness, I will never know, but the result was my iPhone sets were missing just about everything.  The upload app I normally use sticks the name “photo” on everything that isn’t specifically given a name.  Therefore the back up program just kept overwriting everything.

last night I ran a really slick python script i found.  It ran from the terminal on my Mac and it backed up everything perfectly.  I was really pleased.  I checked the folder created to hold my iPhone 4 set and everything was there.

How many photos were in the folder?


Thats right, Rush fans… 2112.

2010-09-14 - Rush at TD Garden 1154


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