I Am Such a Nerd

I’m such a nerd.  Like there was any doubt that a guy who blogs like 3-5 times a day would be anything other than an uber nerd.

A couple of months ago I turned to Twitter with a question.  I always turn to Twitter with nerd questions, and I never get any answers or advice or anything outside of occasionally being followed by spam porn accounts, but I digress.

I asked Twitter if anyone had any experience with using external camera lenses with their phones, specifically their iPhones.  I was curious about The Photojojo Phone Lens Series, and the Olloclip iPhone camera lens.  I was leaning toward Photojojo because it includes a zoom lens, where Olloclip does not.

As mentioned, the Twitterverse was totally silent in response to my questions so I had to decide for myself.

I just ordered the Photojojo set.

I told you I was an uber nerd!



Oh yeah, I also ordered the super deluxe blu-ray version of 2112.

I told you I was an uber nerd!


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