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Radio City Music Hall

Let the rumors begin.

Word on the street yesterday was that Rush is about to release the dates of the second leg of the Clockwork Angels North American tour.  It’s supposed to take place in March and April, just prior to the band going to Europe in May.  There are no definite dates yet.  There was a leaked itinerary that was pretty clearly fake.  It featured three separate stops at one venue.  That seemed very unlikely and it removed any possible credibility from the “leak”.

Still, the rumors suggest that there will be another stop at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.  I remember back in 1983, reading in some lame rock magazine (Circus?  Maybe?) that Rush had booked six nights at Radio City.  Back then, that sounded like the most amazing example of success.  To book six consecutive nights in one of the most famous of all US venues.  It was hard to believe.  The 13 year old me decided that someday, he would see Rush at Radio City.

I am still waiting for a chance.  I have seen them in Manhattan twice.  Both times at Madison Square Garden.  As unbelievably awesome as those experiences were, they still weren’t Radio City.

I have been inside Radio City Music Hall once.  My wife and I took the tour on one of our visits to the city.  Hopefully the next time we’re there it will be to see the Holy Triumvirate of Prog Rock.






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