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Feeling Goofy

That picture I posted earlier today that got something like 70 hits out of the blue over on Flickr, along with thinking about what I need to do to get ready for the RPM Challenge which starts next week, has me feeling musically goofy.  I went over to the ancient photobucket account that I stopped using when I joined Flickr in 2009 and found some Break Even stuff.  hehe

My wife (and anyone else who was living in Salem, NH 10-12 years ago) will get a chuckle out of this.
 photo samanthasold.jpg

Here are two of the three Les Pauls in the previous post in action. My sister took this at the Mammoth Road Club in Dracut.
 photo 1042725850_l.jpg

This was our “press shot”. Taken at Burgundy’s in Derry, NH.
 photo fullband1.jpg

And finally… the fat boy singing. This is from J Rags in Tewksbury, MA, possibly at our first show.  Laugh to your heart’s content!
 photo 886941286_l.jpg


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