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In November of 2011 I tried to start a band. I asked Mike the bass player, who has been one of my best friends since 4th grade, and he was interested. My beautiful wife Jennifer, who I love with all my heart, suggested her friend Kevin the Drummer and he was interested too. Steve the other guitarist from my last band joined up, as did Dave the singer. By February I was out. Eventually everyone but Mike and Kevin was out. They hired a new guitarist and a new singer and last night was their first gig.

They sounded great!




I planned to stay for about an hour or so. Catch a set, say hello, congratulate them, you know… Be a fan! During the first set, however, I got called away. It seems my step son heard noises outside of his window and got majorly freaked out. His attitude was contagious, and soon everyone was freaked out.

Super Step Dad to the rescue!

I got home, explained that I often hear noises outside the back windows on weekends and that they were usually the result of a neighbor having a social gathering. I offered to grab a flashlight and go check out the back yard, but was told that was unnecessary. Just having the old dude around was security enough.

I felt like the freakin’ king. Granted, there are issues there at need to be addressed or else step dad is never going to be able to go out at night without being called back by a scared kid, but we will address that in the future.

For now, congratulations to Mike and Kevin and the rest of Lizardfish on their first gig. You guys sounded seriously tight. I’m looking forward to gig #2!


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