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RPM Day Three

I’m actually losing track of how many things I have in the musical pot right now.  I think I have four on the iPad and one on the iPhone.  Yesterday I added some pieces to the piano melody I had on the phone.  I like it significantly less now than yesterday, but it’s still alive.  I added two new things on the iPad.  One is a quiet little electric piano thing that I’m not sure what to do for the guitar.  I can’t do anything without a guitar part, ever.  What would be the point, right?  But this one… kinda doesn’t need a rhythm guitar.  I’ll squeeze something in somewhere.  The other thing I played with will probably be dumped.  I was testing the lightning cable adapter by plugging in my guitar.  I recorded the first thing that popped into my head.  At the time I was pleased, but now I think it’s a riff that is awfully similar to one that became an RPM song a couple of years ago.  I’ll try to salvage the idea somehow.

Is it possible that I might have five songs in the works and it’s only February third?



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