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1-0 After Two

I spent a few minutes recording tonight. I finished one of the two unfinished song idea projects including the rhythm guitar parts. I also snuck in a new song project that I think will end up being a guitar and voice only kinda song.

I should be sitting here right now trying to come up with another idea or two, but the Bruins are playing the Canadiens. We are down 1-0 after two periods. They are about to drop the puck on the third. How can I not listen to the rest of the game?

Game on!
Go Bruins!

Tyler Seguin scores to tie the game 14 seconds into the third period! No way I’m working on music now!


2 thoughts on “1-0 After Two

  1. At this point I am so far ahead of my usual RPM pace that I can afford a short break for hockey. I still feel guilty about it. If I had come up with something else last night it would have been song #10. (I think… I should go back and count them again)

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