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RPM Challenge Day 7

Nothing much new to report.  Last night I mentioned finishing one of the unfinished song project thingies and coming up with a possible guitar/vocal only song.  That was about it for yesterday.

Beyond that, I did something very unusual for me.  This morning before work I wrote and recorded lyrics and melodies for two verses of one of the songs I posted yesterday.  Normally I take  a day off from work and crank out all of the horrible lyrics and horribler vocals in one day.  Telecommuting gives me an hour and a half or so worth of home-alone-before-work time on Thursdays.  I only worked for about 20 minutes, but it’s a start.

Still thinking positive.

Oh, and the Bruins beat the Canadiens last night 2-1.  Seguin tied it a few seconds into the third period just as I was posting last night, and then shortly after the B’s took the lead for good.  I do so love beating the Canadiens.


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