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RPM Day Eight

The Calendar says it is February 8, 2013 but only by two minutes.  It’s just after midnight and I just finished arranging four more song projects (what I am calling my groups of loosely connected ideas) into actual songs (verse chorus verse and what not).  I’m up to eight songs and 26 minutes and 41 seconds.  Still a ways to go.  I started another song project thingie today and added rhythm guitar parts to two of the existing projects.  I now have two projects that are not yet ready to be arranged into songs, and that’s it.

The writing goal for RPM is 10 songs or 35 minutes.  The writing goal for FAWM is 14 songs.  I hope to get somewhere in the vicinity of 14 songs and 40 minutes if I can.  Last year I had 15 songs (there was an extra day so FAWM called for 14.5 songs) and I think I used 13 of them in the RPM album.  I would like to have enough written to allow for the crappier stuff to be left off the final RPM album again.

Here is a soundcloud playlist with the eight arranged songs, not counting the two verses worth of vocals I added to one of them this morning.

I continue to think positive!


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