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The Blizzard of ’13

Today has a high potential of a tremendous amount of sucking from a meteorological perspective.

The forecasts are calling for one to two feet of snow today into tomorrow.  Some are even saying it could be more than two feet.  The initial estimates were for the crap to start falling from the sky this morning and continue all night.  Now they are saying it won’t start until the afternoon.  The local media hype is on super ultra mega overload.  Supermarkets have been picked clean.  Panic is everywhere.

Every year New England seems to go through this at least once.  A storm is predicted and the news networks blow it up into some sort of world ending event, everyone freaks out, and then the storm fizzles.  I’m not saying the storm today is going to fizzle, but it’s a blizzard.  It’s going to suck.  All of this is true, but it’s not worth the panic people are displaying.

Jen and I are both working from home today, and the kids had school canceled.  All of this before a single flake fell.  Again, I’m not saying the preparations are unnecessary, and I for one am going to be seriously thankful come 5:30 tonight when I don’t have to drive home.

I guess what I’m trying to say is… This is New England.  We get snow.  We get blizzards.  Every single one of us has been through this a million times before.  Get a grip, people.  Stop acting like rookies and man up.

Here we see our front yard… nothing yet.Untitled


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