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RPM Day Nine

Last night we were all sitting in the living room. My step son was watching Disney Channel. My step daughter was reading on her iPad. My beautiful wife whom I love with all my heart was playing World of Warcraft. I hadn’t done any musical anything all day so I took out my MacBook Pro and my little USB piano keyboard and threw something together. iOS be damned, right?

The new song contains two of my mini goals for this month. One, the song is in 7/8 time. The prog fan in me feels good about that. Two, there is a drum fill that includes 32nd notes. The iOS version of GarageBand can quantized tracks to 32nd notes but you can’t edit individual notes. That means I have to play it close enough to in time to have the not-quite perfect notes pull to the correct time slot. I often get close to getting fills right, but there are always one or two notes that pull the wrong way. In the Mac version of GarageBand I can shift those notes to the correct time slot without using the quantize function.

I added the new song to the soundcloud playlist I posted yesterday. That makes nine songs in the works and today is still only February 9th.

Thinking and feeling very positive indeed.


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