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The Boston Bruins

I haven’t posted about hockey in a while…  here’s a random thought.

The NHL will never earn my forgiveness for this season’s lock out.  They will never earn my forgiveness for the other two lock outs either.

There is, however, exactly one way in which the NHL can calm me down.  Exactly one way that they can get me to step down from my furious little soap box (that no one ever notices) and get me to blend back into the crowd.

How can they do that?  Simple.  The Boston Bruins have to consistently kick the bloody hell out of every other team in the league.  If that happens, I’ll relax and be distracted from my hatred and raving madness.

So far, so good.

The Bruins have played the fewest games in the Eastern Conference (thank you, blizzard) and have the second most points.  They have played 10 games and earned 17 points.  Do the math, kids.  They are three points away from perfection.  They have only lost twice, and once was in overtime.  That is a team that is doing a pretty decent job of taking my mind off my anger.

Let’s note that Chicago has a better winning percentage right now, but frankly the Blackhawks have not had to play the Bruins, and I would definitely bet on my home town team in a head to head match up.  The Hawks are awesome right now, but they ain’t no Bruins.

The Big surprise for me has been the goaltending.  Khudobin is going to be a question mark all year just for his lack of experience.  Rask is different.  Tuukka has been the Bruins #1 goalie in the past and he’s been amazing at times, but he’s also blown a playoff series after taking a 3-0 lead.  I really don’t think anything short of a Tim Thomas-esque Stanley Cup championship performance is ever going to make me have faith in Tuukka after that Philly debacle.  Having said that, Rask is playing like he’s possessed.  Given the abortion of a shortened season (see?  I’m still pissed after all) could he stay this hot right through the end?  It’s doubtful, but I don’t think it’s impossible.

Go Bruins!


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