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Music and Pain

I’m sure after a month of constant RPM posts you are all going to be thrilled to hear this…

I have set up an official recording to-do,list for the near future. I still have four unfinished songs from 2007. One has gotten as far as having the rhythm guitars finished. The other three have bass and drums done. There are three unfinished songs from 2008 that I haven’t touched since then. They are on the agenda too. In the last week I have started recording two mid-90’s songs and am ready to start recording the vocals. There is one remaining song from this past November’s NaSoAlMo that is also ready for vocals. There is a song that was meant to be a submission but was never finished. There is a little dueling acoustic guitar thing that it did off the top of my head one day a few months ago. That one might actually be finished. Finally there are two songs that go way, way back, one as far as 1987, that I put on the agenda last year but never touched. Those are what I plan to record over the coming months.

There is talk on the RPM forum of doing a mini-project over the summer. I hope to do that as well. I want to keep recording and playing and writing. I don’t want to find myself looking at a fast approaching February 2014 without having done anything over the prior months. I want to get better, not stay stagnant.

Of course, playing guitar is easier when you can use your left arm. Last fall, when I raked the yard for the first time I had major pain in my left arm for a week afterward. I could barely lift my arm at all. When I raked the second time, same thing. This winter I had the same reaction to shoveling the first time. Friday I did some shoveling. Not a lot, but some. I was fine all day Saturday and figured I’d gotten off lucky. Then today I tried to get something off a high shelf. Holy crap did it hurt. I can barely lift my left arm at all, and when I try the pain is huge. I am wondering if I slept on it last night to make it worse. I did play the guitar a little today without any trouble, so I’m not worried, but damn does it hurt!

We will see how it feels tomorrow.


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