Four Random Thoughts

Here are four random thoughts buzzing around my pea brain at the moment.

First, continuing the Bad Sports Day for Boston from the previous post, Bruin Chris Kelly has a broken leg and is out indefinitely.

Second, My Kingdom for an DVI to HDMI adapter!  I discovered recently that most of the songs I want to record this month have already reached a near complete status that I have completely forgotten about reaching.  Unfortunately the .band files are all on the MacMini and I can’t find the cables we used to use to hook it up to the monitor, so I can’t get the files off of it!  Lunch break tomorrow includes a trip to radio shack.

Third, we learned a new downside of living on the edge of wild kingdom.  Just after we finished dinner tonight our neighborhood was engulfed in the stench of skunk.  Ah crud.

Fourth, my right ear is so completely blocked with wax right now that I am effectively deaf on that side.  This happens to me once every couple of years or so.  Where the hell did I leave that bottle of wax softener?

My wish to all of you, from your humble narrator, is that tomorrow is a better day than today was.  ‘Cause today was kind of a suck fest.


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