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Almost Here

Spring is so close I can feel it.  It’s almost here.  It is less than a week away.  Next Wednesday, 3/20/13 (or 20/3/13 if you don’t live in the United States.  I’m an international kinda guy, ya know?) marks the start of Spring and more importantly, the end of the friggin’ winter.  I hate winter.  I love Spring.

I am 21 minutes away from starting work for the day and I’m going to be swamped all day.  Add that to the impending Spring kick off and it gets me thinking about weekend get aways.  We are already hoping to go to Quebec on a long trip, and possibly back to San Diego (I’m getting low on vacation time!) but what about quick, relatively local get aways.  That’s what I’m dreaming about this morning.

Places like Lake Winnipesaukee…

Or Bar Harbor…
2012-05-26 to 28 - Bar Harbor 326

Or Lake George… okay, that requires more than a weekend, but still…

I do so very much love the Spring time.


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