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Random Flickr Pic Post


Just continuing to feed the Flickr.

I have been going to the People You May Know page off of the Flickr homepage and just clicking on suggested users (there, I just clicked on eight of them) and following them.  It’s made the contact feed on my homepage pretty fantastic.  Why, though, does Flickr assume I have a huge interest in pictures of abandoned buildings.  Not just houses, but factories and warehouses and everything.  Good stuff though, just a little hyper focused is all.

I’ve also been messing with new sets.  Sort of setting up single sets from different locations that we’ve gone to multiple times.  Sort of like collections, but only they will show up on my sets page… because they’re sets.  I did this once before but never kept things up to date.

I have updated my Methuen and Boston sets, and made new sets for the White Mountains, New York City, and San Diego.  I’m also thinking of making sets for Florida, the oceans (plural), maybe the Merrimack Valley so I can stick all of the Methuen, Tewksbury, Lowell, and what not together.  We’ll see.

Keep feeding the Flickr.


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