The Difference Between Hockey and All Other Sports

Have you seen that commercial where a hockey player goes to the trainer and says he has a splinter.  The trainer reaches for a pair of tweezers and then looks up and sees the player has a hockey stick stabbed clean through his arm.  The player says something like hurry up, I’ve got to get back on the ice?  Have you seen that?

Watch this:

The injured player, Gregory Campbell, is out for the rest of the season. I believe I heard that he broke his leg while blocking the shot. His team was on a penalty kill in a playoff game. What did Campbell with his broken leg do? He got up and played his position, covered his man, broke up a pass, continued to kill off a penalty against the best offense in the NHL.

Holy Crap!

Now compare that to most other pro sports where hang nails keep players out for days, or a nasty case of turf toe (rug burn?) can derail a season, or where players flop around like they’ve been shot at the slightest contact (ok, looking at you Montreal Canadians as well as every soccer player and basketball player I’ve watched over the last few years).

Greg Campbell… on a broken leg… Damn!


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