Game One Tonight!

Game one of the Stanley Cup Finals between the evil, vile, gross, icky, Chicago Blackhawks and the heroic, majestic, kingly, hockey-godly, Boston Bruins is tonight at 8:00ish.

My work schedule today is completely screwy (I punched in at 6:00! The humanity!) and it’s been traumatic disaster after traumatic disaster all day. I haven’t had the time to stoke the Stanley Cup Fire as it were.

Hopefully, this photo of the statue of Bobby Orr that sits in front of the TD Garden will inspire the Bruins to murderlize the Blackhawks tonight.

(note: I know Orr ended his career in Chicago, but didn’t that move contribute to landing his agent in jail? I’m not up on that story, but I heard that somewhere, didn’t I? Besides, there is no question as to which uniform the greatest player ever is wearing in this shot. No question at all)


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