How to Steal a Win in the Stanley Cup Finals

And that, my friends and loyal reader(s), is how you steal a win in the Stanley Cup Finals. Those Blackhawk pukes stole game one from us, and the mighty Bruins turned right around and stole game two from them.

It was beautiful. Actually, it was awful in the first period. Oh my goodness, did they kick our ass in the first. Fortunately, we had one Tuukka Rask in the goal. As the two or three thousand shots came pouring in from inside the hash marks faster than the cameras could actually follow, Mr. Rask stood upon his Finnish head and stopped all but one.

In the second, the Bruins closed the competitive gap. It was still nerve racking, but it was better. The third was pretty even too.

Overtime though… It was beautiful. Dan Paille. 2-1 win.


It’s all tied up at a game a piece now. Glorious.

Here’s the highlight video.

And here is a little nod to the Bruins of the past…


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