Stanley Cup Finals Game Three: Drop the Damn Puck!

We still have more than six hours to go until the start of tonight’s game three of the Stanley Cup Finals between the glorious, brilliant, magical, majestic, kingly, heroic, noble Boston Bruins, and the douchey, pucky Chicago Blackhawks.

What do you mean, I am a homer?

Game one went to triple overtime and the Blackhawks stole the game from the Bruins. Game two included the single most one sided period of the entire post season as the Blackhawks dominated the Bruins in embarrassing fashion. The Bruins then won the game in overtime.

Two games. Both team won a game they had no business winning.

Now we come home to Boston for game three. I am hoping for a convincing Bruins win in regulation because frankly, with an 8:20ish start time, I don’t think I can make it through another overtime.

Six hours to go. I say we flip the bird to the television network and drop the puck right now. Who’s with me?!?

Go Bruins!


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