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I was Not Flickr Robbed

Ever since Flickr released their redesign I have been using the hell out of as much of the site as I can.  I have been posting to groups more often, I have been marking more photos as favorites, I have been leaving more comments (although still not many) and I have been adding contacts galore.  Flickr includes a recommended contacts page and sometimes I will just go and add 10 or so for no reason other than they are there.  The result is a lot of really great looking stuff coming across my main page.  I’ve come across a lot of talented folks who post a lot of really interesting stuff.  I am pleased with my post-redesign Flickr experience.

Then yesterday something came across my main page that threw me.  It was a picture of a white gravestone with one word carved into it, and the letters were covered in an orange/gold colored moss.  My first thought was, I’ve seen that before.  Then, I have a pic in my photostream just like that.  Then, I wonder if it’s the same cemetery.  Then, I wonder if its the same stone.  Then, did someone steal my idea (har har).  Then, did some one steal my picture!?!?!?

No.  No one stole my picture.  I found mine in my Methuen, MA set.  It was very different.  Theirs had the name Mother on the stone.  Mine has Ralph.  Theirs had moss sprinkled across the whole word.  Mine had it clumped around a few letters.  Theirs was taken in a cemetery in… in… Chicago?  Philadelphia?  Whatever, mine was taken in the cemetery on Grove Street in Methuen and their was not.  Their photograph was awesome.  Mine was not.

I looked at the other pictures I’ve taken that day, but I could not find the stone with Ralph’s last name. I did find that he had a brother named Jackson.


The plot that Ralph and Jackson are in is a family plot. I like the idea of these plots, and I like the look of them too. There is one large stone with the family name on it and all of the dates. Then there is a smaller stone marking each individual.

The Gleasons are a good example of this.

The Websters are also a good example.

The moral of this story is simple. Just because I saw something that was worth taking a picture, doesn’t mean that if some one else photographs something similar they are stealing my idea. I am not a photographer, I am a nerd with a camera. However, that does not mean that I can’t find the things I see cool, right? Right.


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