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Another Random Wednesday

Don’t ask me about hockey.  I’m not over it yet.  I’m going to need some time to get over that epic of a choke.

I can’t think of a topic for this post, so here’s a picture…


I have finally come across a camera accessory I want to get that isn’t a new lens.  I want to get my hands on a neutral density filter.  I want to go over to the Spicket Falls Dam and take a nice long exposure, and I want to do it during the day.  I want the motion of the water to blur together.  Pictures like that are cool, and I want to take at least one cool picture before I die.

Picture this, only with the falling water all smoothed out.

2010-02-28 - spicket flood level 015

Yeah. Cool.

I also want to get a Forest Lake parking permit. I think I can do that tomorrow during lunch. Maybe I’ll bring my camera along for the ride. Maybe I’ll make a lunch ahead of time and eat it by the water. Maybe.

I also want to get a few more songs recorded before July 4th comes along. July 4th is the start date for the FAWM 50/90 challenge. Write 50 songs in 90 days. Yeah, right. Maybe I should change it to the 10/90. That might be more manageable as a summertime project. There was also talk of a bunch of RPM Challenge participants doing some sort of mini-challenge this summer. I thought it was going to be in June, but the site has been down for maintenance every time I’ve gone to it. Today is no exception.

Oh well. I’ll figure something out.


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