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My Timing Sucks

Birdfeederily speaking, my timing sucks. I have mathematically calculated that the chances of seeing the cardinal at the bird feeder increases exponentially to the distance my Nikon is from me. In other words, when the Nikon is nowhere near me, the damn bird lands on the feeder. The jerk.

He landed today while I was reading on my iPad, with my D90 far, far away. This is the best I could get.

The odds of seeing a cardinal on the bird feeder increases the further away my camera is from me.

By the time I had my camera in hand, this is what I saw.


Note how a big chunk of the bottom of the bird feeder has been eaten away.

I was left with nothing to photograph except for the terribly ugly, horrifyingly terrifying spider that lives in the window. Safe to say that Mr spider will be dead soon. Very dead.



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