Welcome to July

So yeah, it’s July now. Boy those April, May, and June months sure burned through fast, huh? Like, here and gone.


Life would be so much easier if we could just jump from September straight around to April again and just give Autumn and Winter a miss.

When I was a kid and in boy scouts I developed an interest in archery. My parents got me a bow and some cheap wooden arrows with target practice style tips (don’t remember what the actual term for them was). With the exception of the incident where I shot out a neighbor’s garage window, I was getting half decent with the thing. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been wishing I kept with it. If I had, I would be able to do something about the damn squirrels stealing the bird food from the bird feeder. Bastards! I’d shoot them through the eye and hang them on the trees nearby to warn off the other little pricks. I hate them! I hate them! We’ve reached the point where opening the window and yelling at them no longer scares them away. They just laugh and give me the finger. Jerks.

So the 4th of July is this week. It’s time to start planning our day. Methuen has fireworks on Wednesday night. I hope the weather holds and we get to go. We’ve been living in the city since 2008 and I don’t think we’ve ever participated in a single town event. Those times the fire department came to the duplex don’t count. Maybe this year is the year we join the community (for a day, and then wait a year before we participate again. I don’t wanna get too townie, ya know? heh heh).

Are tasers legal in Massachusetts? Maybe I’ll get one of those to keep the squirrels away. ZAP! Dance, rodent! Dance!!!

July, the month for summer fun, cookouts, swimming, and removing squirrels from the yard with extreme prejudice.

Happy July!


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