The Day After the 4th

Did you enjoy your 4th of July, USA? We sure did. Alas, it is now in the past and today is just plain old July 5th. I have to work today, but I get to work from home. My beloved wife has the day off but is going to be working hard on a number of non-work things at her desk, so she’s sort of working from home too. The kids woke up here today, but their father asked if we could please bring them to his house as if it were a normal Friday. He must have something planned for today. I hope the kids have as much fun today as they did yesterday.

So today started out like a normal Friday. Jen got up, then the kids got up, then I got up. All around 6:00am. The kids got ready for the day. I took a shower and got ready for the day. At a couple minutes past 7:00 the kids and I went up North to their dad’s house. I stopped at a convenience store and dunkin donuts on the way home.

When I got home the first thing my beloved wife said to me was, “want to go to Ontario?” She was referring to tomorrow night’s Rush show in Hamilton, Ontario. (What’s the correct abbreviation of Ontario now? It used to be ONT, but Canada has gone to a two letter system like ours, haven’t they? Ontario is ON now, right? Or is it OT? It’s ON. I think. I’ll just spell it out until I Google it. Ontario it is) Me being slightly psychotic said, “Sure!”

Are you aware that if you drive from greater Boston, Massachusetts to Hamilton, Ontario (Neil Peart’s birthplace) you will go past Niagara Falls? Fascinating, eh? Did we just stumble upon a major league weekend road trip?

I sure hope so!


Rush in Canada!


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