We are Home

We left on Friday, a little after I punched out from work at 5:30. We drove as far as Utica, NY and stayed over. The next morning we hit the road again. We crossed into Canada on the Peace Bridge because the back up at the Rainbow Bridge was so unbelievably long we couldn’t take it. We went North to Hamilton, ON and then to Burlington, ON. We had planned to go to see Rush in Hamilton, but we had a last minute change of heart and went back to Niagara Falls and stayed over on the Canadian side. This morning we woke up and hit the road by 7:00am. We crossed back into the US on the Rainbow Bridge and then started home. When we got to Albany, NY we left route 90 and headed for Vermont. We back-roaded it all the way to the Everett Turnpike a little North of Nashua, NH and then headed home the old fashioned way. We got home at a little after 6:00pm.

What a nutzoid couple of days!

There will be pictures of the falls. Lots of ’em.


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