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Spicket Falls Dam

So let’s see here. I posted the long exposure pics from Tuesday. I posted the normal Forrest Lake pictures. I posted the Grove Street pictures. All that’s left is the non-long exposures from the Spicket Falls Dam. Guess what’s coming now!

I’ve seen the flow over the dam both much lighter and much heavier than this. Doesn’t matter, I like it no matter what.

I still haven’t been up on the walkway. Somehow it feels to me like I would be trespassing if I did.


Even with the light flow over the dam, you get a pretty good rush of water underneath.

The water on Tuesday looked pretty dirty to me.


A lot of the old mill towns in the Merrimack Valley have converted their old abandoned mill buildings into condos or apartments. This, I hear, is Methuen’s mill-turned-apartment. Not 100% sure of that, but I think that’s true.


And that, kids, is everything worth sharing that I took on my little walk around on Tuesday. Just a little touch of my town, Methuen, Massachusetts.


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