On the Wagon


Two things happen on Monday. First, I will begin my stint as a two days per week telecommuter. I am adding Monday to my usual Thursday. It’s fitting somehow seeing as how today marks nine years with this company. The two things are not related, but it is still fitting some how.

The other thing is far more important. I’m getting back on the wagon. My weight is out of control. It’s time to start being smart again. Exercise. Stop eating junk. Don’t eat as much. Cut down on non-diet soda, if not on soda in general. If I don’t get this crap under control I am not going to be able to fit through the door of my home, and that is not sarcasm, I am being literal. Monday. I’m back on the wagon on Monday.

I’m going to try to avoid discussing weight loss on this page, so you probably won’t hear much about it after this. That being said, Monday is the day. July 15, 2013. Back on the wagon.

Wish me luck.


One thought on “On the Wagon

  1. Hi Rob. It’s a difficult decision to make but I think a necessary one. (No offense intended.) I just want to put my two cents in, as I always do (you should know me by now… lol) and tell you that I’ve been reading a lot lately about diet soda, and most experts concur that it is just as bad for people as regular soda. Something about the artificial sweetener causing your body to actually crave sweets more than usual. That said, I applaud your decision wholeheartedly. If there’s anything we can do to assist, please let us know. Oh and don’t dive in to the exercising too aggressively at first… take it slow. OK I guess that might have been more like four or five cents, but hey that’s me…

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