Feline/Human Interactions

I’ve had two moments today when the cat did something extraordinary. At least it seemed that way to a goofball like me.

Everyone knows that one of the greatest things a human being can experience is having a cat rub against their legs. When your cat rubs against your legs, whether you are sitting or standing or whatever, it makes everything in life a little bit better. It makes up for all the feeding and litter box cleaning. It just makes life happy.

This morning Patches, the wonder kitty, one upped rubbing against my legs.

She rubbed against my back.

I had just come out of the shower and I sat down on the bed to put on my socks. I was still shirtless. Now please forgive me for putting that image in your head. That is not the point of this story, it’s just a necessary fact. While I was sitting there, the cat jumped up on the bed and rubbed the entire length of her body against my lower back. Oh the bliss! The angels appeared from heaven and sang songs of the cat’s glory. It was magical, it was amazing, it was wonderful, it was glorious, it was happiness covered with fur! Then she took a couple of steps away from me, but continued to swish her tail across my back! Oh you haven’t lived until you’ve experienced that. It was sublime! Oh thank you kitty, thank you thank you thank you!

The other moment wasn’t nearly as life affirming, or Earth shattering, but it was interesting and definitely something I’ve never seen before.

I sat down on the end of the couch with my breakfast. Usually when I sit there, the cat will jump up onto the arm of the chair and then climb all over me. That in itself is pretty awesome. Sure enough, the cat jumped off of our bay window sill and came over to me. She did not, however, jump onto the arm of the chair. Instead she just looked at me for a second, dead in the eyes, and then… winked. Twice. Really, I swear she winked. She blinked her left eye once for an instant, opened it up again, and then blinked it again. She winked at me! Twice! Then she casually walked out of the room. Our cat winked at me! She’s a devilish little minx and she winked at me!

Both of these things combined go a long way toward making up for that time last week when she came within inches of barfing on my head while I slept. I get it, Patches. You’re sorry. I forgive you.



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