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Yup, I used the wah-wah pedal again.



3 thoughts on “Crybaby

    • No, it’s just an old stomp box. 1/4 inch in and out. I put it into the signal chain just ahead of my USB interface. The result feels a little more dramatic than through an amp, but I kinda like it.

      • I have tried something similar. My usb interface is a cheap one from behringer. Not too bad for practicing but I had the feeling that the input signal is somewhat too quite in my opinion. I did put a phaser stomp box ahead of the interface like you did. Then I just did reduce the phasing as I simply wanted to boost the signal. It works anyhow.

        But a cry baby is still on my list as well. Never played with one but since I learn some hendrix songs, I really would like to. 😉 That´s why I asked.

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