lizardfish, music

Band Hiatus

The band rehearsed tonight. The first weeknight practice since I joined.  It was weird having to deal with traffic to get there.  That has never happened.  We snuck this one in because one of the guys is going on a business trip for a few weeks.  It’s tough getting all of us together this summer.  Hopefully things will be easier in the fall.

I took my laptop and a couple of my new microphones with me, but traffic made me a tad late so I didn’t take the time to set them up to make a recording.  I settled for my iPhone instead.  I haven’t listened to it yet.  I’ll edit it tomorrow and share anything that sounds decent.  It’s going to sound like swill, but it’s always worth listening back.  I’ll get the whole room mic’d up soon, but not until next month at least.


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