I feel like I say this every Friday during the Spring, Summer, and Fall, but I want to try and get up early so that I can shoot the sunrise tomorrow. I keep saying it, yet I haven’t done it since November.


So I want to get up super early tomorrow morning (4:30am-ish) and at the same time I want to stay up super late tomorrow night (1:00-2:00am) so that I can try to catch the last Rush show on Periscope (if someone is nice enough to stream it for us). I also want to mow the lawn, clean the bathroom and the kitchen, and take the cat’s litter box outside and hose the ever lovin’ hell out of it.

Could be a super busy day tomorrow.

I might need to take a nap in the afternoon.

That actually sounds like a super awesome idea! Nap time, kids!

apps, photography



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