Yes formed in 1968.  From then through last week there were approximately 746253647 different band members, but only one bass player.  Chris Squire.  He lost a fight with cancer back in June.  When he first got sick the band had a tour booked.  He had to back out and asked a former band mate to sit in for him.  It sounds like his intentions were honorable.  If the tour was canceled, all of the crew would be out of work.  

When he died, I assumed the tour would be canceled after all.  I was wrong.  The shows started a few days ago.  There are no original members left in the band.  The one man who represents the band’s identity, Jon Anderson has been out for years.  The most noted guitarist and drummer are there.  The keyboard player spent a brief time with the band in 1980, but he’s more known for working with other bands.  The keyboard player most fans want to see has been out of the picture forever.  Now we replace the one constant with an ex-rhythm guitar player who probably had no business being in the band for the blink of time he was.  It’s just not Yes anymore and anyone who shells out money to see them is deluded.  They are nothing but a cover band that happens to feature a guy named White and another guy named Howe.

I can forgive the band for carrying on with this tour.  It was Chris Squire’s wish that the show go on.  Given that, sure let this tour happen.  After its through though… Please oh please let Yes stop.  Let it end mercifully.  Let the cover bands take care of being cover bands.  Alan White, Geoff Downes, Steve Howe, John Davidson (is that his name?), please put an end to this.


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