To-Do List for Saturday August 29, 2015

There are a lot of things to get done today, so I figure I’d write out a to-do list to try and stay organizized.

1. Go to Dunkin Donuts to get breakfast for the Mrs.
2. Eat Munchkins. Mmmm, Dunkin Donuts chocolate munchkins.
3. Go to McKinnon’s to get dinner for the Mrs and I for both today and tomorrow. As Ned Stark always said, Winter is Coming, so I should get stuff to cook on the grill while I still can.
4. Mow the lawn for the first time in three weeks.
5. Shave! I’m seriously starting to look like a member of the 2013 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox. I look like I have a freakin’ monkey growing out of my face.
6. Put away the Poland Springs water that was delivered yesterday even though Poland Springs didn’t send us a notification that the delivery was coming, and therefore we didn’t leave our empties out for pick up. That means the garage is full to bursting with Poland Springs bottles.
7. Buy a $1400 Fender Twin Reverb amplifier and some form of distortion pedal. Possibly a Rat2 (popular with the Seattle bands from the ’90s) or a Big Muff Pie (popular with one Mr David Gilmour whose supply of awesomesauce never, ever runs out), or maybe one of the MXR models (because the last two pedals I bought were MXR and I LOVE ‘EM!)
8. Set a timer on my spiffy little Apple Watch to time how long it takes for my beloved wife Jennifer to read entry #7 and start yelling, “NO!”. hehe Love you sweetie!
9. Buy a recycle bin. I won’t go into it, but arguments over trash were a major part of why I was in such a state of mood swing yesterday. Everything’s fine now though.
10. Practice the guitar for tomorrow’s band practice. Gots to learn that piano part from that U2 song. Maybe put some new strings onto the 335 while I’m at it.
11. Cook dinner on the grill, as stated in entry #3.
12. Watch the first episode of Fear the Walking Dead one more time (this will be four, I think) in preparation for episode 2 which airs tomorrow. Someone on reddit mentioned something odd about color schemes and I need to see if I can spot it. Something about all of the scenes in the first half of the episode including something blue, and then all of the scenes toward the end including something red. As if, everything’s fine so we’ll show you a happy blue color suddenly turns to everything’s not fine anymore so we’ll show you red for danger. Probably not anything important, or even intentional, but a good excuse to watch the pilot again.
13. Sleep.

I have already completed items one through three and damn were those munchkins yummy. They were so good that I am starting to really need to get back on the weight loss plan… because I could get addicted to them and gain another 500 pounds, easily.


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