I Forgot

I had forgotten all about it, but I remember now.

My step daughter is in high school now.  She is doing volunteer work at a high school football game.

I forgot how intensely I hated high school football.  When I drove up to the school the driveway was lines with professionally printed signs with players names and numbers.  Sonofa…

There are thousands of cars here.  The main parking lot and the two secondary lots are all full.  People are parking on the lawn.  sonofa…

As a member of the marching band I was required to attend every game.  Those were the worst 40 days of my four years.  I hate hate hated every second of every game.  

I had forgotten that hate, but I remember now.  Oh, I remember now.


One thought on “I Forgot

  1. I used to LOVE going to the football games! Especially the Thanksgiving game, when Lawrence High played Lowell. We teens used to sit it the student section of the stadium, and danced along with the cheerleaders, and yelled for our team, and just basically had a blast! Can’t remember seeing any actually football playing though — we were too busy having fun… LOL

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