500 Home Runs

David Ortiz hit his 500th career home run last night.  Finally, something in this dreadful season for Red Sox fans to celebrate.

Remember when 500 home runs made you a lock for the hall of fame?  I do.  Then steroids happened.  Thanks a ton, steroids.

I want Papi in the hall of fame, I honestly do.  There is just so much working against him.  The steroid link alone will keep him out, at least for a while.  There is also his position.  Despite the 500 home runs and three championships, he’s a designated hitter and no one takes that seriously.  Even without that steroid test he still probably would not have made it in.

Regardless of what happens after he retires, he is the best clutch hitter I’ve ever seen with arguably the best post season resume in baseball history.  Congratulations to David Ortiz on reaching such a huge milestone.


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