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Prep-Time Part 1

Practice is at 6:00 tonight. A little after 1:00 I did some prep work. The Les Paul hasn’t been played in a few months and the strings were rusted and grimy. I took off the strings and gave the neck a serious wiping down. It helped, but it’s not perfect. I need to polish it but can’t find my bottle of goop right now.  
I put on a new set of strings and played through my homework (four songs) a few times. I played sitting and standing, and all four new songs sit around the 2nd fret, which is usually what triggers the pain. No problems at all. Maybe I just need to relax when I play with other people around.
We are going to eat dinner soon. After that I will play again for another 45 minutes or so. I’m also planning to bring a bottle of Advil to practice too. Hopefully all of this combined will keep me mostly pain free tonight and I’ll actually be able to focus on playing the damn guitar as well as I can for a change.


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