Happy Birthday, Mom

We celebrated my mother’s 75th birthday today.  Everyone wish her a happy birthday!

My Aunt brought a couple of old pictures with her.  There is a red head in this one who is the spitting image of my nephew… 

Look at that handsome devil!  He and my nephew could be twins!  Who is that fine looking dude?  It’s me!  Can you believe it?  My sister’s son and I are twins, just 40 years removed.  Not sure how the logistics work there though.

Now check out this happy family snapshot…

The fine looking dude in the coat in the center of the pic is once again your humble narrator.  I’m standing on my dad’s lap.  My mother is to our right.  My sister is photo bombing on the lower right corner.  Behind me is my aunt Nancy.  I assume the guy whose face is blocked is Uncle Tom.  The other happy couple is the really important part of this picture.  They are Nana and Papa.  My mother’s parents.

I was at Middlesex in my late 20’s when my grandmother passed away.  I was fortunate enough to have such a stellar person in my life for a very long time.  My grandfather however passed away in 1972.  I was only a year old.  Obviously I have no memories of him, but I knew that I had met him at least.  I always had that.

Now thanks to this picture I have proof.  Aunt Nancy brought this today to show how much my nephew resembles me.  I don’t think she realized that it would mean so much to me for another reason.  I’m very thankful she brought it.  It’s got to be one of, if not the, only picture of me and my Papa.


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