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My First Apple Watch Issue

It was bound to happen sooner or later, but I just stumbled upon my first Apple Watch issue.  Last night I noticed that none of the third party apps I’ve installed were working.  I got a prompt to unlock my iphone, even when my iphone wasn’t locked.  Odd.

I tried again today and got the same error.  I googled the error message and found an Apple Forum post that told me I needed to unpair my phone and watch, and then re-pair them.  The unpairing process includes a back up, so I wasn’t going to lose any data.

The unpairing worked as expected.  No issues.  When I tried to re-pair them though it acted a little strange.  First, the watch rebooted and then went through a pretty slow process that looked as though it was un-synching.  None of the how to’s on the Apple Forum mentioned that.  After a few minutes I was prompted to pair the watch to a phone and I was off and running.  The phone gave me the option to restore from a back up and most everything worked.  The only thing I’ve noticed is that the MLB app seems to have gone missing.  Not a big deal though as it only showed info from games played by the team I have marked as my favorite on the iPhone App and that team’s season is over.

Everything is back to normal now, but having to unpair the watch and the iphone still counts as my first largish Apple Watch issue.  Hopefully it is also the last.

To show that third party apps now work, here is a pic of my ceiling, taken with ProCam:


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