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Epic Bat Flip

When it comes to home run show boating and bat flips… this is pretty close to the best ever.

The game was tied in the top of the seventh. The Rangers had a runner on third. After a pitch, the catcher went to throw the ball back to the pitcher and the throw hit the batter’s bat and rolled down the third base line. The runner on third scored to give the Rangers the lead. Weirdest thing I’ve ever heard of in a baseball game.

Then in the bottom of the seventh one Ranger’s player (sorry for not being up on the names, I’m doing this from the slightest bit of memory) made three (3) THREE! errors to load the bases. A single brought in the tying run. Then…

Jose Bautista destroyed the ball and drove it into next month, stood at home plate to watch it go out, then gave the meanest, angriest, most pissed off bat flip ever in the history of ever. Obviously the Rangers were pissed and the benches cleared.

Normally I am on the side of act like you’ve been there before and don’t show boat, but in this case? Following the dumbest play in the history of the playoffs? You flip that bat, Jose, and you suck it up and deal, Rangers.

Now, to change the subject, I should probably wait until tomorrow to mention this, but three of the division series have ended and the team I picked won all three. If the Dodgers win tonight I will be perfect in picks for the post season.

Obviously I just jinxed it though, so if you’re a Met’s fan… you’re welcome.

Oh yeah, and the Bruins won last night! Can you believe it? The standings as of this moment: The Patriots have four wins with 12 games to go, and the Bruins have one win with 78 games to go. It’s gonna be close!


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