No Help There

During season five of The Walking Dead last year I started visiting Reddit to take part in the post episode discussions.  It was like an added dose of therapy after the usual emotional roller coaster.  I kept it up through Game of Thrones and Fear the Walking Dead, but as that show was winding down and the new season of the original show was starting I stopped.  Too many really stupid questions posed and militantly defended by people who watched the show with their eyes closed, if at all.  Too many people posting to threads without reading them first, resulting in hundreds and hundreds of duplicates.  Too many people being down voted even when they give well thought out comments because some nit wit disagreed with what they had to say.

The Sunday night’s episode aired… And I went back to Reddit.  It was just such a painful thing to watch, I needed to have some other people to,sympathize with me.

Mistake.  The episode was phenomenal, but one of the first posts I saw listed off the top five ways the author thought it was terrible.  There’s always one, I thought to myself.  Then there was another… And another… And another.  The trolls were out in force.  Add that to the 500 posts stating that REDACTED didn’t REDACTED because REDACTED, or that REDACTED didn’t REDACTED because The Talking Dead didn’t REDACTED.  What the hell, people?  Then there was the 500 additional posts telling everyone they were idiots because in season one this happened so REDACTED could just REDACTED even though the two situations had literally nothing in common.  

Sometimes I worry about the future of the human race.  If you can’t follow a tv show for 60 minutes when they repeatedly give you two minute breaks, then how can you really have advanced beyond a third grade reading level?  Is that what we have become?


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