Tuesday – still here

We took my step son to the hospital on Friday.  We knew he was sick, but we had no idea how bad it was.  He was an undiagnosed type 1 diabetic.  He’d actually been showing obvious symptoms for a couple of weeks, but even with two parents and two step parents watching him each day, the obvious symptoms didn’t register.  

Each day in the hospital has been better than the previous day, by huge amounts, but he’s not quite ready to go home.  They are still trying to nail down the appropriate starting dose for his long acting insulin.  Also, all four adults have to demonstrate that they are capable of running his blood sugar tests and insulin injections.  We’ve all done blood sugar tests on ourselves (mine was normal which, given my weight, is kind of amazing) and two of us have given injections.  I’m up at breakfast today.

Hopefully they will discharge us today, but I sort of expect one more night.  Wish us luck.


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