Patches is a Jerk

Three times this weekend.  Three Times!  Patches has hissed at my step daughter three times this weekend.  The second hiss also included the worst scratch she has ever given any of us.  One more move like that and I’m taking her out to the woods and leaving her there*!  Why are you being such a little furry asshole, cat?

*No I’m not.


One thought on “Patches is a Jerk

  1. That is terrible! Why would she hiss at Bellana??? My cat scratches and bites all the time, but he almost never hisses at either of us. Did Bellana aggravate her too much? Or did Patches just hiss out of the blue, for no reason? If so, maybe she’s sick and needs to see the vet. It might be the only way she has to tell you she doesn’t feel good! Because I’ve always found Patches to be a really friendly (but shy) cat.

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