Really Old Gig Picture

1999.  Prime Meridian.  I don’t remember where we were playing, but it was the second of the two shows we did in our three years.

This image is blown up as much as this template will let it (I think).  Really, really small.  I’m trying to figure out what the pedals at my feet were.

The silver guy on the left is the three way switch for my old Fender Amp. Clean/Rhythm, Reverb, and Boost… I think. The white thing to it’s right is my old (now deceased) Boss tuner.  The next one over is the little yellow guy.  That would be Larry’s Ibanez swell flanger.  Is it a good flanger?  Sure, it’s swell!  Sorry, old joke.

I can’t really make out if there are two more pedals or three more.  If it’s two then the next one to the right is my old Washburn analog delay.  I still have that, but I haven’t used it in decades.  Last would be my Cry Baby Wah-Wah, the single greatest pedal ever created by human (or divine) hands.  If there are three black colored pedals then… I haven’t a clue.

The band from left to right, Mike the Bass player (also currently in Lizardfish), Maria the drummer, Tracey the singer, and Rob the tubby assed red head.

Rock and Roll.


ADDENDUM: I remember what the other pedal was!  It was my old (now deceased) DOD Octoplus!  My octave divider that let me sound like Ritchie Blackmore on those incredibly rare occasions when he actually used his.  That was driving me crazy.


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