Christmas: Temporary Delay

We were all set to go tree shopping last night.  We have a fake Christmas tree in the cellar but someone who shall remain nameless (me) suggested that maybe this year we skip the fake tree and get a real one.  Everyone agreed.

Jen wanted to get a tree last weekend, but I didn’t.  It wasn’t a kid weekend, and I wanted the kids to have a say in whatever tree we end up with.  Last night was the first kid night we’ve had since then, so we were going to go last night.  I even brought up the tree stand from the cellar and moved the furniture around.

Unfortunately, Jen had work to do after dinner and one of the kids still had a little homework.  Jen suggested I take the kids and go without her, but that would be just as bad as going last weekend would have been.  We can’t go tonight because two of us don’t get home until late.  We can’t go Friday because one of the kids has a school function and two of us won’t be home until late.  Saturday is our next opportunity so I nervously threw it out as a suggestion, expecting to hear complains and you-hate-Christmas accusations (which wouldn’t be all that inaccurate).

Nope.  I got an I-don’t-want-to-go-without-mum from one kid, and an we-can-go-in-the-daylight from Jen.  The other kid just agreed with me. Nice!  I promise I’m not sabotaging Christmas by pushing things off. Really.  This isn’t selfish anti-holiday behavior.  This was really for the best.



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