Trump Fans

I never had any interest in using any of the wordpress.com themes that don’t show the full text on the main page.  I thought they were stupid.  Un-Bloggerish, if you will.  Then I used one for Lizardfish because the background image looked awesome.  Now I’m softening.  I put this theme on last week and so far I haven’t started hating it yet.

It has changed something for me though.  Now I want every post to have an image.  There’s a function called a featured image, which is used here, but I have to add the image to my wordpress.com storage.  That’s going to get old quick.

Anyway, I wasn’t going to write about themes…

I saw something on Facebook today that made me laugh.  Someone shared a canned search that finds all of your Facebook friends who are fans of Donald Trump’s official Facebook page.  It’s a nice way to blanket stereotype people as Trump-esque neo-fascists.  In much the same way as the Donald, in the most blatantly un-American move I’ve personally ever seen a candidate make, has blanket stereotyped all Muslims as terrorists.  Gee… my buddy’s five year old son doesn’t seem like a terrorist, but if the Donald says so it must be true!

The search returned three people.  One of them is already muted due to insufferably offensive conservatism.  The other two have given me no reason to take action as of yet.  It’s possible that they liked the page before the campaign.  I mean maybe they are just fans of his old TV show. Note:  That is an example of not painting all people who have a thing in common with the same stereotypical brush.  That’s how it works.  Get it? I so disapprove of fascists, but reading a fascists Facebook page does not make you a fascist.

So what’s the relevance of the featured image at the top of the page?  It’s a picture of Trump Tower in New York.  At least I think it is, it’s an old picture.


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