A1 Shitty Day


I post this picture not because it has any bearing on what I’m going to write about, but because it is now my second most favorited picture on Flickr. Congrats to the Owl ornament. Always a winner.

Today sucked. Just sucked. Before I even woke up it was sucking. Snow. That’s a given, right? I brushed off one car, then the other, then I had to brush off the first car again because show is an asshole. I went inside, got ready, came back out and brushed off the car again. I got to work in a remarkably short time. All of the horrible traffic that my beloved wife warned me about was replaced with everyone going 30 mph. I got to work in an hour with time to spare.

That was the last good thing. After that? One work disaster after another, thank you very much. Everything is on the way to being set back to right now, but I will sure be happy when my whole group is back in the office tomorrow.

5:30 comes, I leave work. The driveway is seriously icy but I’m parked in the garage so my car is clean. I drive home with no trouble. 45-50 mph for pretty much the whole drive. I get home in about 45 minutes.

It looks like the main roads near my house were barely plowed. My road, however, is bare pavement (mostly). We got about an inch of snow. Maybe an inch and a half. It was followed by a whole day’s worth of freezing rain. I knew the driveway was going to be icy. I did not, however, expect a six inch high bank of solid ice at the end of the driveway. I got stuck trying to pull in. I dug myself out and started chopping away at the snow bank. I used a shovel, but I sort of wished I’d had a chain saw. Eventually I got enough ice moved to try and get the car in. First though I used every grain of rock salt we had in the garage to try and give the wheels (and our feet) a little traction on the skating rink/driveway. It worked.

So yeah, a kick in the balls of a day. But hey, the Bruins just scored to take a 1-0 lead on Ottawa. Maybe things are turning around now. Here’s hoping!


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